Games I've Made

I make games as a hobby (sometimes). This page is a collection of all the released games that I've made, and all the information surrounding them. Newer games come first on this page! Except the prototype section, where they're in order of coolness.

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Badcraft 3D

Release Date: March 11, 2022

I thought it would be fun to make a game using Pico-8, since I've seen other games made with it, and it seemed pretty cool. I decided on making a very simple Minecraft clone.

The cool thing about Pico-8 is that you can play it in your browser, too! It'll be on your left, or above if you're on mobile. You can play it with the arrow keys, Z, and X. Before you ask, you can't save.

Pico-8 is surprisingly simple to make games for, so I might make another game with it in the future.


Want to see the source code? Get the .png file from (free) and open it in your own copy of Pico-8.

Read about how I made Badcraft 3D (Coming soon)

Lava Survival title screen A screenshot of Lava Survival. The player is hiding in a structure on a beach made of wood and stone

Lava Survival

Release Date: July 28, 2020

My first game made using Godot! I could go on and on about how Godot is way better than GMS2, but I'll save that for another time. This game was inspired by the lava survival modes sometimes seen in very old Minecraft servers. The gameplay loop on those old servers goes something like: collect blocks, build defenses, survive a wave of lava, repeat. This game is pretty much the same.

This game has a lot of firsts for me. Leaderboards! Character customization! Code that's actually somewhat decent! All stuff I thought I would never be able to pull off back when I was making Vanadius. Some things can be a little buggy, but not to the point of making the game unplayable.


Wanna play the game? You can get it on (free)

You can see the source code here

Read about how I made Lava Survival (Coming Soon)

Vanadius title screen A screenshot of Vanadius. The player is in a room full of spikes and conveyor belts.


Release Date: August 6, 2019

My first game, made using Gamemaker Studio 2! It's not great, but it holds a special place for me. In it, you play as a robot, solving puzzles in an attempt to escape a mysterious facility. The development took way longer than it probably should have, mainly due to my engine choice.

It's still quite buggy, but I've completely given up on trying to fix it. The patches I have put out are mainly just minor changes. Still, it's worth playing, if only for a little bit. Looking back, I'm surprised with what I was able to pull off with my extremely limited experience in an extremely limiting engine.


Wanna play the game? You can get it on (free)

You will never see the source code.

Read about my unending hatred for GMS2 (Coming Soon)


Sometimes, I don't end up finishing a game for one reason or another. Still, what I did make is still cool enough to get a place on this page. I might end up revisiting these ideas sometime in the future, but for now, these projects will stay here.

A room in Halp Life Pi. There is a crab near the camera. In the distance, an incomprehensible gray terrain can be seen. A empty room inside of a pyramid.

Halp Life Pi

Estimated Project Date: Late 2020-Early 2021

After Lava Survival, I decided to start messing around with 3D! I decided to create an "intentionally bad game", and a lot of the UI and textures reflect that. The game actually has quite a bit of content (a testing room and half a level) for what it is.

In addition to the "intentionally bad game" part, I also wanted to create a somewhat surreal and liminal atmosphere (see: Wet Dry World from Super Mario 64). I think I did a decent job, but I would like to revisit that vibe in the future.

If I had to choose a favorite enemy, it would have to be the Yesman.


Wanna play this prototype? Download Halp Life Pi (.7z, 27.4MB)

Wanna see the source code? Download the source code (.7z, 37.1MB)

Read about how I made Halp Life Pi (Coming Soon)

A title screen. The options are to Play, Continue, Alternate Map, and Quit. In the background is a low-poly building Overlooking a low poly campus. It is 1:40AM and the player has several keys.

Five Nights at Higland High

Estimated Project Date: Late 2020-Early 2021

More of a planned joke game than anything else. After Halp Life Pi, I still wanted to test my 3D skills, so I made this.

What's available is pretty much a walking simulator in horribly mangled versions of Google Maps data at night. Even though there's not much to it, it's pretty cool to play. It has a huge liminal vibe.

What was planned was for a "horror" game where you had to walk around a campus avoiding the ghosts of the staff who used to work there. Collect 5 keys from the classrooms, and you get to go to the basement and win the game. I mainly abandoned this due to it requiring more work than I had experience for.

Once I get better at making stuff in 3D, I will definitely 100% revisit this.


Wanna play this prototype? Download Five Nights at Higland High (.7z, 21.7MB)

Wanna see the source code? Download the source code (.7z, 24.9MB)

Read about how I made Five Nights at Higland High (Coming Soon)

A test room in Vanadius Godot. The player is hiding against a wall while a turret shoots at them. A test room in Vanadius Godot. The player is reading a sign that says 'Imagine a lab'. Various flasks are placed throughout the room

Vanadius (Godot Version)

Estimated Project Date: Mid-Late 2020

An attempt at recreating Vanadius in the Godot Engine. Was pretty much abandoned after I realized I would rather be using my time to work on new and exciting projects.

There's not much here, so there's really not much to say. There are plenty of new mechanics though, such as wall sliding, turrets, and throwing things. If this was finished, it would probably be more of a reimagining than a remake.

As it stands, I have no plans to revisit this.


Wanna play this prototype? Download Vanadius (Godot) (.7z, 8.1MB) [Includes source code]