Quick info

My name: Katie :3

Prouns: she/her

Age: 20! no flammable liquid for me :(

Swearing: rarely


hiya! my name's Katie, sometimes known as kitsting online. you can call me either! i'm a college student studying computer science (though, to be honest, i'm not amazing at it). anyways, i made this site!

even though it's a little barebones right now, i feel like a website is a good place for me to keep all my interests in one nice lil' place.

what? my hobbies? well, i like reading and playing games, and i love pursuing anything that's creative.


i'm always happy to chat about whatever!
if you want to reach out to me just to say hi or to ask me something you can reach me by:
  • emailing me at kitstiing@gmail.com
  • messaging me on discord @kitsting (my dms are always open!)
also, my Switch friend code is 4263-4201-0741, though i only really play Animal Crossing lol
i didn't know where else to put it. i would put my 3ds code here too but that's dead now u_u

My favourite games

  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • We Love Katamari
  • Pizza Tower
  • Minecraft
  • Rhythm Heaven (series)
  • Terraria
  • Animal Crossing (series)
  • The Great Ace Attorney

Literally nothing

idk what to put here lol
maybe i'll come up with something later


Cute stuff!

Cozy stuff!

Singleplayer games


Lavender (the colour, the flowers are cool too though)

Rain n' sunsets


Heat in the summer