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hiya! i'm super excited that you're here! welcome to my corner of the web!!
i thought it would be cool to make a website as a fun little side project, and seeing other sites on places like neocities has been very inspirational.

my plan is for this site to act as a hub for whatever i'm doing, keeping everything in one nice lil' place.
right now, there's not much to see, but it'll be constantly updating (maybe)!

also, just so you know, this site was made with a desktop in mind. it still works on mobile, but don't be surprised if there are minor issues that way.


  • update the guestbook! if you leave something there right now, i'll try to migrate it to whatever new system i use. no promises though :3
  • FAQ page? maybe?
  • redesigned games page
  • more blogposts!! i wanna have it so you can see the most recent ones right on the homepage
  • add some more graphics to the site to make it more interesting and cuter
  • improve the mobile experience a bit. or maybe just make it clearer that this site is meant for desktop lol

Latest site updates

April 01, 2024

I made a few changes to the css (this isn't a joke). Also, an about page! Woah!! I've been meaning to work on the site more, but i've been sidetracked with other cool stuff. Like picotron! I'll write a post about that sometime. I think I'll start simplifying the site backend to be a tad easier to manage. We'll see how long it takes for me to get around to it though.

March 04, 2024

I'm finally working on this site again! I haven't made many changes yet (mainly just updating the CSS), but I'm working on some big changes. Right now, I'm redoing the "Games" page and completely redoing the blog system (it'll have tags!) so hopefully writing new posts will be easier. After that, I'll finally make the "About" page! I'm planning on rolling out all these changes within the next month or so, so stay tuned! Once that's done, I'll start writing some new blog posts (including one about how I redid the blog system). Cya later!

October 22, 2023

Wow, I've been really busy with school. Busier than I expected, for sure. I'm starting to get better at managing time, so I might finally start working on this site again! Stuff will probably start getting moved around in the coming weeks, and hopefully I can get everything looking way nicer. No promises though :3

May 27, 2023

I redid the backgrounds for the main pages (still wip), and made some other minor changes

I wanna add more graphics to make the site more visually interesting but i dont even know where to begin...

Next I'll probably finally make the About page!!

Older Updates

Older site updates are kept safe here!